Website Registration, Club Registration, League Registration - CONFUSED?

Website Registration, Club Registration, League Registration - CONFUSED?

By Paul Taylor
25th June 2018
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There are 2 Types of registration needed this season, to get to the end Goal of your child being registered with the Club and being able to play League football.

Step 1 - Only Parents of Players NEW to the Club this season who HAVE NOT yet Reistered on the Website.

1. You need to register on the club website, like all websites where some content is private we need a sign in process, so register using the GREEN button on the top right of , select Parent and the system will guide you to adding your child, start tying the name and use the add option at the bottom of the list.

Step 2 - Apply to join St Francis YFC for Season 2018/19.

2. You need to register your Child with the Club and apply to join, this is separate from the website, and involves completing an electronic form from the link HERE. This takes you to another page in the website. Select the Player Application Form and follow the process entering the information as you go. At the end you will get the opportunity to link back to the PAYMENT part of the Club Website to make your payment.

Step 3 - Pay your Fees.

In case you miss it a Link to the PAYMENTS SECTION of the Club Website is HERE.

3. Once you have done steps 1 and 2 and Paid, that is nearly everything done. If you are new to the Club, we will have to check the Birth Date of your child. and you will NEED to provide a copy of either the Birth Certificate or Passport to your manager. You will also need to provide an up-to-date photograph of your child, but your manager will tell you how this is to be done (either via a selfie style photo to him, or he will take photographs of all at Training).

4. Once all the Information is collected the CLUB will register your child with the League as part of his/her team and there should no need for any more involvement in the process from parents.

Well thats it! The club will now take all the information your have given us, store it securely and only use it for what it was collected for, the administration of Football. We will not share it with anyone except the FA and the Football Leagues we enter, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


ST Francis YFC FA Codes of Conduct


St Francis Club Ethos & Coaching Philosophy

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